Drew Cox Memorial Scholarship

Drew Cox Memorial Scholarship

The Drew Cox Memorial Scholarship is established to allow deserving students to study at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida, and to carry on Drew’s philosophy of generosity, fairness and a passion for motorcycles and ATVs.

Drew was born in Bethesda, Maryland, December 27, 1990. He grew up with the Smithsonian and Goddard Space Flight Center in his backyard. He was educated in private schools where he learned to play chess from Russian Chess Masters, Ball Room Dancing from competitive dancers and when he was 10 years old he had his first piano recital at George Washington University. After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon followed by the sniper attacks in and around our area we decided to move our family to Citrus County Florida.

Drew grew to love Citrus County, he excelled in baseball, but it wasn’t long before he was lining up the riding mower with his friends and racing it down the middle of the road. Soon after, he got his first ATV. He loved ‘floating the river’ with his friends every chance he got, and soon became a PATI certified scuba diver, but his first love remained riding his ATV. Though sports and riding his ATV were his passions, he surprised us with a starring role in a school play and his performance was a wonderful surprise.

Drew grew to be 6’5” in high school and was a member of the basketball team which was ranked #1 in the state of Florida in 2008 in Division 4A that had an undefeated regular season. Each summer the high school sponsored basketball camps to teach young kids basketball and Drew loved working with the younger kids, and it was obvious they loved him too. He had a warm winning personality and a ready smile. He made and kept friends with ease and will always be remembered for his generosity, loyalty and willingness to help others.

Throughout high school he passionately rode his Yamaha Banshee ATV all over trails in Central Florida. After high school, Drew attended the College of Central Florida, but always had a fire burning for motorcycles. When he learned of MMI in Orlando and visited the campus, he knew he had found where he belonged.

While attending MMI, Drew purchased himself a Kawasaki zx10. He loved riding his motorcycle. Drew was taken from us suddenly by a careless driver, doing what loved most, riding his bike.

The Drew Cox Memorial Scholarship is his family’s way of paying tribute to a remarkable young man by paving the way for young men and women of similar character and outlook to thrive in the activity that he loved so much. He left a hole in the hearts of his hundreds of friends and family. We are so very grateful to have had him in our lives to love and enjoy for 20 years. He will be forever missed.


The Drew Cox Memorial “Accelerate Tuition” Scholarship supports a current or future student coming from within Florida to study the Yamaha and/or Kawasaki program at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Orlando, Florida.