Lyn St. James - Women in Automotive Fund

Lyn’s story is not just about being a successful race car driver. It’s a story about goal setting, determination, passion and fully utilizing all her defeats and successes to break into a world no one could have imagined possible.

Named one of the “Top 100 Female Athletes of the Century” by Sports Illustrated, Lyn St. James has set 31 national and international speed records and succeeded in the sport of auto racing at levels unparalleled by any other woman. As a competitor in the world’s largest sporting event – the Indianapolis 500 – St. James masterfully drove her way to earn Rookie of the Year honors in 1992. Over the course of her impressive career, St. James has set the bar for women in the sport of auto racing.

As a speaker and a philanthropist, Lyn’s efforts provide training and advanced opportunities for all.


This fund has been graciously started by Steve DeMarzio to honor Lyn St. James’ legendary accomplishments.

The Lyn St. James – Women in Automotive Fund will provide tuition scholarships to women attending UTI programs in the fields of automotive, restoration, or motorsports.