Richard "Pup" Conklin Motorcycle Mechanics Scholarship

Richard "Pup" Conklin Motorcycle Mechanics Scholarship

The *Richard “Pup” Conklin Motorcycle Mechanics Scholarship as established by the friends and family of “Pup” Richard Conklin. On May 11, 2004, Pup was killed in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle was hit by an oncoming van that did not see him and turned in front of him. Pup was a motorcycle enthusiast, a motorcycle drag racer, and road captain of the Plains Drifters. As a charter member of the Plains Drifters and an independent motorcycle shop owner for many years, he was able to pass on, not only his technical knowledge but also his love for motorcycling. If you were to ask people what was important to Pup, you’ll find 90% of the people would tell you that motorcycles were one of the three most important things in his life. In late May, his brothers and sisters of the Plains Drifters hold their annual Pup Memorial Run in which all proceeds go toward this Scholarship administered by the Springfield Foundation in Springfield, Ohio in conjunction with the TechForce Foundation. Pup was a graduate of MMI.

Future MMI students planning their start may apply, and students currently in school at MMI may also apply as long as their GPA and attendance exceeds 3.50 and 90% respectively.


This “Accelerate! Tuition” Scholarship is reserved for applicants from Ohio who seeking to, or currently attending, MMI Phoenix or MMI Orlando, and who are passionate about a career in motorcycle mechanics.